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quod·li·bet \Quod"li*bet\ (kw[o^]d"l[i^]*b[e^]t), n. [L., what you please.] 1. A nice point; a subtilty; a debatable point. Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913) Also quodlibertarian and quodlibetic - purely academic!

English Spelling? Does English really work this way?

* Pronounce "ghoti".
* Pronounce "Phtholognyrrh".
* Spell "coffee" completely wrong.
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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Samples of Wicked Words from the Wickedary

by Mary Daly with Jane Caputi.

  • ACADEMENTIA n: normal state of persons
    in academia, marked by varying and progressive
    degrees; irreversible deterioration of faculties
    of intellectuals
  • BATTLE-AX, n: a Raging, Dreadless, Unconquerable
    Crone BORED, CHAIRMAN OF THE n: any bore-ocratically
    appointed bore who occupies a chair--a position
    which enables him to bore others all the
    the Wild; the Summons of the Weird, conveyed
    through the Mediumship of a Feline Familiar
  • COCKALORUM n: a self-important little
    cock. Examples: Napoleon, Andy Warhol, Fiorello
    La Guardia, Mickey Mouse
  • COCK-AND-BULL STORY n: patriarchal history
  • CRONE n: Great Hag of History, long-lasting
    one; Survivor of the perpetual witchcraze
    of patriarchy
  • CRONE-OLOGY n: Radical Feminist chronology
  • HAG n: a Witch, Fury, Harpy who haunts
    the Hedges/Boundaries of partiarchy, frightening
    fools and summoning Weird Wandering women
    into the Wild
    beauteous Crone; one who inspires positive
    revulsion from phallic institutions and
    morality, inciting Others to Acts of Pure

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  • ghoti is pronounced: fish, 'gh' as in tough, 'o' as in women and 'ti' as in motion! Attributed to George Bernard Shaw by some. Visit GHOTI for a rant against this "joke" about english pronuciation.
  • Phtholognyrrh pronounced: Turner, According to a Mr. Turner who insisted on signing his name that way according to Robert M. Rennick in I Didn't Catch Your Name, Verbatim® Vol. XXix, No2. Mr Turner explains: " Look, the phth is like phthisic, which is pronounced t; olo is like colonel, which is pronounced ur; gn as in gnat is pronounced n; and yrrh as in myrrh, is pronounced er. So you have Turner. Nothing could be simpler." Reader's Digest, Jan . 1941, p. 42
  • coffee spelled completely incorrectly is kauphy! or kaughy!